UX Design

Design trends change but the fundamentals of great design remain constant.

Design is at the forefront of every one of your users’ interactions with your software. Aesthetics, ease of use, accessibility factor into every interaction and are critical to your users’ experience of your product. To build the best product, we ensure every architecture, animation and design decision maps directly back to the functional, social and emotional jobs your users are hiring your software to do.

  • Branding
  • Wireframes
  • Comps
  • Animation
  • Polish


For our startup clients, branding is usually in the early stages. This gives BiTE the opportunity to marry your brand’s identity with the product’s job-to-be-done to provide maximum impact for your customers.

Drawing from our product strategy session, user personas, jobs and intensive client collaboration our team crafts your brand identity a logo, color palette, fonts and visual tone, voice and other brand elements. In the end, our startup clients leave with complete brand guideline documentation to inform web, print, social, mobile and PR.

For our established clients the same process is applied to all new branded elements, such as an app icon or a new sub-branded website/email campaign. This allows us to give our established clients a solution specifically targeted to the platform.


Wireframes document the functional jobs of the product and are the first step in building your app’s UI. These form the blueprint for all interface elements and navigational systems, and fully document the product’s functionality.

During this phase we create meaningful interaction points to ensure an intuitive, highly usable UI. We document the happy, sad and edge-case paths the user may take while interacting with the product. This includes error messaging, navigational elements and ways your ap interacts with email, social media, etc.



We begin the user interface design process by reflecting back on the competitor analysis and the brand guidelines. We then craft all aspects of your mobile app’s look and feel to capture and hold your users .

Each sprint progressively elaborates on the previous sprint’s creative and UX, focusing on the features and screens of the upcoming release. We always circle back to the key question: does this UI do the jobs — social and emotional, as well as functional — that users need it to do.


Purposeful interactions are an essential part of making mobile products that surprise and delight your customers. They include a wide range of microinteractions such as how much control you allow, or where to add a button or gesture.

From day one of the UX design process, we choose where and how to use purposeful interactions to delight users and give them clear but subtle guidance on their journey through the app.


Subtle animations, smooth transitions, and pixel perfection – Polish transforms your product from one that addresses the functional problems to one that solves the subtle and more important emotional and social problems. This is where surprise and delight hides. This is the critical step in design that elevate good products to great.

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