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A radical solution to a Fortune 50’s most dire sales problems

Uncovering the Real Jobs

The Prudential Marketing department came to us with a clear request: port their online Bring Your Challenges quiz to the iPhone. They already had the creative, the quiz questions and even the basic UI ready. But during our intensive, on-site strategy session we realized that what our client really needed was more than just a simple solution.

“BiTE developed an iPad app for us that delivered features and creative that were exactly what our customers wanted and our sales teams needed.”
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Jennifer Putney
Vice President Total Retirement Solutions
iPad Pro presents innovative and ambitious solution guided by Job-To-Be-Done approach


We always open strategy with the Henry Ford quote, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Prudential Sales was asking Marketing for a quiz app as a unique way of communicating their value propositions. But what the customers’ so urgently demand is rarely what they really want. Using Jobs-to-be-Done methodology, we learned the sales team was struggling with declining sales, and a host of logistical issues surrounding onsite client pitches. The old way of selling had stopped serving their needs. 

By determining the real jobs the sales team was hiring this product to do, we discovered a better solution. One that gave Sales a clear and decisive way to communicate Prudential’s value propositions while demonstrating the company’s creative and technical prowess.

A New Direction

Following our strategy session we proposed a radical departure from Prudential’s original request. Sales specifically requested a Behavior Quiz app, but the quiz simply did not do any of the jobs Sales really needed done. We lobbied for a sales tool platform designed for the iPad Pro to transform the way Prudential Sales presented to clients while flaunting both technical innovation and beautiful creative. Based on research of their needs, our strategic work with their leadership and the thorough deliverables presented to our clients Prudential trusted our recommendations and approved a proof of concept.

From Prototype to Product

The prototype we presented was a far more ambitious approach to solve Prudential’s sales problems. Soon after Prudential management including the Vice President of National Corporate Strategy & Distribution, approved it. Our strategy team had successfully distilled our client’s real needs into a solid roadmap with a clear route to MVP resulting in an app that was far beyond what they had originally hoped for. Prudential’s CMO met with us to say that in her 20 years at Prudential, she had never seen such excitement about a product. 

It was a good meeting.


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