2014 Automotive Mobile App Study


With over 30 years of combined experience working with some of the biggest automotive brands in the business, Brant and I are passionate about automotive, mobile and the opportunities for innovation in this space. This is our second year conducting an in-depth analysis of the state of mobile automotive apps in the US App Store. We will take you through the results of our 2014 US automotive app market research, exploring what’s changed since 2013, and what’s on the horizon.

Our Process

We examined over 500 apps, from model-specific to media, In-Vehicle-Infotainment and specialty vehicle. This year the number of apps increased as expected, keeping pace with the reinvigorated automotive market. At the same time, we watched the focus shift to reflect the changes in consumer attitudes and the overall automotive marketplace. With alternative fuel vehicle purchases on the rise and expected to double by 2022, the number of alternative fuel apps has risen accordingly. With connected vehicles becoming increasingly prevalent in the market, we’re seeing more connected apps. These allow consumers to check their text messages hands-free, stream music, make restaurant reservations or check local gas prices. In this study we’ll give you a complete overview of the app market, from YOY comparisons to how consumer attitudes are changing the apps themselves. Then we’ll present detailed recommendations and analyses based on the data.

Click here to download the complete study.

We hope this study helps provide your brand with vital insights regarding the rapidly evolving mobile landscape.

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