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Brant DeBow

Chief Technology Officer

Brant DeBow is BiTE’s co-founder and CTO. He knows pretty much everything there is to know about Behavior Driven Development, and is a highly sought after speaker on the competitive advantage of new technologies. He’s an amazing teacher and a pretty good indoor skydiver.

Published Posts

What I Look for When Refactoring

The Backstory My current assignment is working on a rather large app that had a huge summer push that involved scaling the team up to several developers per platform and the addition of a handful of third-party libraries. As anyone who has worked in iOS development will tell you, the App Delegate is often the […]

Google opens Chromecast to all developers

Google opens Chromecast to all developers It looks like all the fears of Google initially blocking access to Chromecast were quite unfounded. As it turns out, Google did just what it said: It was tweaking the APIs during Beta but planning to open them up to apps. Now the wait is over. This makes the […]

Tetherless Watch, AT&T’s $100M Smackdown and Goes Blackberry Android

Breaking the Tether  Apple Watch is only a few months old, and already we’re talking about its next incarnation, supposedly to be released in 2016 (which means someone in my life is getting a hand-me-down 1st gen for their birthday). A rumored video camera will be included so users can make and receive FaceTime calls. […]

Apple Music: The good, bad, and Eddy Cue’s shirt

This week’s main story, of course, was Apple’s WWDC. This year’s “one more thing” was Apple Music. There was an equal mix of good and bad in the oddly long, painfully awkward unveiling. A meandering, dad joke-heavy mess of a presentation, it did give us something to think about. Why music? Apple shouts from the […]

The Next Billion People

The electricity-defying Gravity Light Worldwide, 1.3 billion people live without any access to electricity. That’s 18% of the world’s population. So what are we doing to bring power to these people? Jim Reeves and Martin Reddiford have made an incredible step forward with their amazing Gravity Light, a portable, low-cost light that relies on no […]

Autonomous Cars and the Sketchy NSA

The NSA hits keep on coming In the past three years we’ve learned more about the NSA than we ever thought we would. And no matter how sketchy they could be in our imaginations, the reality seems to be worse with each new tidbit we receive. But at least they never planned to infect your […]

China’s Smartphone Decline and Self-Driving Car Wrecks

Why China’s decline isn’t a big deal After four years of dominance over the US market, the Chinese smartphone market is finally slowing down. In the first quarter of 2015, smartphones shipped in China fell by 4.3% compared to a year ago. Small percentage though it may be, this decline has left analysts wondering if […]

The 4 Forces Applied: Why Microsoft’s Conversion Tool Won’t Entice iOS Developers To Windows

Microsoft’s newly announced conversion tool for bringing iOS code to Windows will not be compelling enough to move developers over. The 4 Forces help explain why. The 4 Forces are a lens used to look at why people decide to change their behavior to use a new product or service. It is a wonderfully helpful […]