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Joe Farrell

Chief Product Officer

Joe is co-founder and Chief Product officer at BiTE Interactive. A project management expert, he has helped deliver critically acclaimed, financially successful interactive and mobile projects around the globe. He specializes in Jobs-to-be-Done methodology and Behavior Driven Development, and is the company’s best indoor skydiver (a title hotly contested by Brant DeBow).

Published Posts

How Apple and Google are Helping Cure Humanity’s  Diseases

  Apple announced the open-platform medical research tool ResearchKit on April 15, and while it was overshadowed by news of the Apple Watch, it’s a tool with staggering potential for… well… humanity. “We are incredibly confident that [ResearchKit] will have a profound impact on all of us,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said at WWDC in […]

The Asymmetrical Advantage of Distributed Teams

I’ve talked before about BiTE’s completely distributed team, and how I think this is one of the keys to our success. Not only does it vastly open up the talent pool when looking for new team members but it decreases turnover while increasing productivity and flexibility. I’m often asked how we deal with the “inherent […]

Project Titan: What We Know So Far About the Apple Car

Over the years, speculation over the next Apple product has become a way of life. Entire sites devote themselves to the dissemination of rumors and the aggregation of insider tidbits. Today I’ll pick apart the facts and rumors about the much-talked-about Apple Car. Wait, what? So I’m saying it’ll really happen? Yes, it’ll happen, and […]

Why Focus Groups Lead to Horrible Software

  The first rule of great product development is: Don’t ask the customer what they want. But why? Well, customers have no idea what they want. More importantly, they can’t tell you why they really buy your product. I love the Henry Ford’s quote, “If I’d of asked people what they wanted, they would have […]

Why IoT is a Really (Really) Big Deal for Us and for Samsung

  If you are like most people not living under a rock, you’ve heard a lot about the Internet of Things, and even if you have no idea what it is, you’re already tired of the buzzwords. Today I’ll explain why it’s such a big deal for all of us, and why out of all […]

The Path Less Traveled for Talent Recruitment and Retention

According to London Business School’s Annual Global Leadership Summit poll, over a third of surveyed companies project more than 50% of their workforce will work remote by 2020. That may seem like a surprising number until you realize how much a remote workforce could benefit your company. Here’s how it benefited ours: When Brant DeBow […]

From Waterfall to Agile

When we began BiTE, we were a fixed price/scope studio. And while we were small, this model worked. Mobile was in its infancy, so projects were relatively straightforward. During these early days, we could grind out change on nights and weekends even if it wasn’t ‘in-scope.” Fixed Scope Pitfalls But as mobile started to grow […]

From Manual Testing to BDD in Mobile App Development

Over our seven year history, we have evolved our software development and QA processes significantly. We started app development knowing mobile was the future, but back then our QA process was decidedly retro. We manually tested our software on each device, plodding through the same test scripts over and over in iOS on a host […]