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Robin Leigh

Director of Content

Robin has been a professional writer for her entire adult life. She is BiTE’s Director of Content, and specializes in political and social analysis of tech developments, and semi-snarkily live-tweeting Apple events. In her spare time she enjoys ranting.

Published Posts

Help Wanted, Help Offered

Hackathon  Last week we talked about the amazing response from the tech sector to the coronavirus — how 3D printers, app developers, and content creators are devoting their time to helping others during this unprecedented crisis.  This week we’ll tell you how you can help. Thursday Devpost announced the global COVID-19 online hackathon, open to all …

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Hacking to Heal

Every day there’s a new development in the global story that is the coronavirus. And because a lot of those developments are distracting, you might not notice the many that are also deeply hopeful. People around the globe are working day and night on products that could ease the burden on the medical community and …

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Look for the Helpers

There is certainly no shortage of worry right now. And it would be easy to just give you a bulleted list of the closures and cancellations, projections and grey particulars of pandemic life.  But today we’d rather focus on the bright spots of hope. They’re there if you look. From Italians in quarantine singing on …

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COVID Crisis

No matter where you turn, everyone is talking (or worrying) about coronavirus. Our Washington-based, Director of Content has been sick all week, and we admit we’ve all been on tenterhooks waiting to see if it’s anything to worry about. Of course, we’re a fully distributed company, so we’re safe in the event of an outbreak. …

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Autonomous Angst

We’ve been on board for the autonomous car revolution for a while now. Since the heady days of Apple’s maybe-defunct Project Titan, to counting the number of self-driving cars we see in Palo Alto (simple pleasures), we’re all for it. There’s something about the idea of a fleet of autonomous cars that speaks not only …

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Amazonian Aspirations

All’s Unfair in Love and War   Back in October, the Department of Defense awarded the $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract to Microsoft after a long-contested fight between the Seattle giant and…the other Seattle giant, Amazon. OK first of all, we’re pretty sure the Jedi Code doesn’t mention anything about military cloud …

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Happy Path Democracy

Unless you’ve completely sworn off politics (honestly, we wouldn’t blame you), you’ll have heard by now about the disastrous failure of the app hired to report results of the Iowa Democratic caucus. Precinct chairs were supposed to enter primary election results into the app, but many had trouble getting it to work, partly because they …

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Measuring a Life 

Photo Remy Steinegger   “I had thought the destination was what was important, but it turned out it was the journey.” – Clayton Christensen, How Will You Measure Your Life? Last week the world lost one of the greatest business minds of all time, Clayton Christensen. In thinking about how to talk about his life …

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