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Robin Leigh

Director of Content

Robin has been a professional writer for her entire adult life. She is BiTE’s Director of Content, and specializes in political and social analysis of tech developments, and semi-snarkily live-tweeting Apple events. In her spare time she enjoys ranting.

Published Posts

Tech for All Mankind

Simplified and Accessible This week, we’re focusing on how technology is stepping up to meet the needs of those with physical and cognitive challenges. There’s so much about emerging technology that is fun and frivolous and desirable that we often forget about those who stand to gain the most from tech advances — people whose …

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Let’s All Go to the Lobby

The other day when we talked about all the cool stuff announced at the last Apple event we didn’t mention Apple original films. But really, that’s kind of a big deal. Even bigger because these films will get theatrical releases.  It’s worth mentioning that historically, companies that dip their proverbial toes into markets drastically different …

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“The world is waking up. And change is coming, whether you like it or not.”

We thought a lot about what to discuss this week, and it seemed irresponsible to not address what is arguably the most important issue we face not only as human beings but as a planet: climate change. This week we listened as climate activist Greta Thunberg who, with naked honesty and angry desperation, implored the …

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UWB and the Future of Health

UWB The Apple event two weeks ago was pretty spectacular (even for us, and we’ve live-tweeted a LOT of Apple events). Not only did they announce the release of iPhone 11 (with its kinda silly, fashion colors) but they also unveiled the iPhone 11 Pro (for…professional phone users?), which we freely admit we’re willing to …

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Cars and Congress

I Hear the Secrets That You Keep, When You’re Talking in Your Sleep Last week we got a little scaremongery about the future of electronic surveillance. (Ironically we dictated part of that piece.) We talked about eavesdropping speakers and the limits of privacy, and this week, as then, there’s really no easy answer. We accept …

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Watch and Listen

Minority Report Here at BiTE HQ we try to be positive about the integration of technology and human life, and that’s incredibly easy to do. Impossible things happen every day — jetpacks and commercial space travel, mind-controlled prostheses and bionic exoskeletons. Because technology is amoral, responsible engineers and scientists are working to ensure we use …

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“Will the robots inherit the earth? Yes, but they will be our children.”

Photo by Alex Knight  You have 10 seconds to comply At BiTE HQ we are of two minds about the imminent robot revolution. While the idea of helpful androids fulfill our childhood sci-fi fantasies, those same childhood fantasies also remind us that for every Johnny 5 there’s an Ash. Tech pundits have been speaking on …

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Autonomy and Autocrats

Autonomy on Two Wheels Unless you’re completely shutting out all transportation news (and we’d understand if you were) you’ll have heard about micromobility and the rise of the scooter-share. Naysayers call it a gimmick, an invitation to thieves and vandals (there are entire Instagram accounts devoted to trashing public scooters), and a boon to personal …

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