Behavior Driven Development Implementation Details 

Phase 1: Agile and BDD Foundation


Our specialists explore BDD’s and Cucumber’s tentpole concepts and how they augment existing Agile frameworks to:

  • Increase velocity
  • Improve cross functional communication
  • Streamline backlog planning
  • Reduce code defects
  • Automate testing
  • Provide a clearer definition of what is being built for all team members

Agile Core Principles

  • Agile overview
  • Core concepts of Agile
  • Common challenges with Agile

BDD Core Principles

  • How BDD solves the problem of user stories.
  • How BDD creates self-managing, living documentation.
  • How BDD and Agile integrate.
  • How BDD elegantly and powerfully manages change.
  • How most do BDD (poorly).
  • How to write effective BDD.

Phase 2: Example Mapping Roll Out

A sketch of two people being mentored by our software engineer. The group has questions that the engineer is answering.

Once our team has built the foundations, we move you from theory to practice, rolling out example mapping to maximize efficiency, minimize organizational disruption and speed up BDD adoption.

During the rollout, our team adapts the processes to your company’s unique culture, challenges and needs.

BiTE will:

  • Demonstrate how to translate business needs into solid Cucumber features/scenarios.
  • Ensure best practices are fully articulated and demonstrated throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Lead example mapping exercises.
  • Roll out BDD tailored to your Agile framework for a live project.
  • Mentor Business, Tech Dev and QA team members throughout the implementation.

At the end your team will have:

  • Stronger cross-functional collaboration.
  • Mobile app design that follows business value.
  • A complete understanding of ubiquitous language.
  • Certainty in building effective BDD scenarios.
  • The means to build mobile apps that solve real problems your customers face.
  • New tools to lower costs, speed up delivery and minimize risk.
  • BDD experience in real project settings.
A sketch of two people being mentored by our software engineer. The group has questions that the engineer is answering.

Phase 3: BDD Automation

Our Ruby on Rails expert modularizes architecture and automates testing

Our Ruby On Rails architects lead your developers during the BDD automation rollout. We work closely with your team to determine how to modularize architecture to facilitate automated testing. Once this foundation is laid, we continue to assist in your team’s transition to example-mapping and example-driven requirements.

At the end your team will have:

  • Mastered automated testing that drives and facilitates more modular architecture.
  • Established living documentation.
  • Streamlined QA.
  • Eliminated premature optimization.
  • Created higher visibility into projects.
  • Implemented ubiquitous language that migrates into code.
  • Obtained expertise in building effective BDD scenarios.

Phase 4: BDD Support

BiTE's developers offer on-going support to your team

After rollout, BiTE’s BDD experts remain resources for your team to facilitate adoption, support proper deployment and evangelize adoption throughout your organization. Our experts continue to refine and mentor your team to cultivate a workable set of best practices.

Support includes:

  • Assistance with code-level reviews, highlighting areas of improvement, mitigating potential pitfalls and assessing the rollout of BDD.
  • Facilitating Three Amigos and Example Mapping meetings.
  • Meeting individually with leadership, key team members and groups to address specific concerns, provide additional coaching, and ensure effective BDD adoption.
BiTE's developers offer on-going support to your team

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