Embedded Software Development and Support

At BiTE, we only hire the top 10% of developers. Once on board, we actively support and encourage their personal and professional growth. This translates into phenomenal retention, and retention translates into speed, creativity and quality. When our clients need to move a high-profile, high-risk, internal project forward they call on us.

Our developers quickly integrate with yours to provide the technical expertise and manpower to complete your project. Plus, we help roll out key development processes including Behavior Driven Development, Continuous Integration, automated build processes and release/version control management to ensure lasting value long after we ship.

We give you the expert manpower you need to meet your deadlines, and the training to ensure success after we leave.

BiTE's formula is simple:

Our entire company, including every engineer, is based in the US or Canada.

Hire only the top 10% of developers, (strategists, designers and QA engineers too).

We use only the best collaboration and development tools available and a unique Agile process built around Behavior Driven Development.

Our developers are always fully dedicated to one project from start to release.

We promised repair of a brittle codebase and delivered much more

We promised repair of a brittle codebase and delivered much more

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