Top of the
food chain.

The younger and the faster are circling, and now the very things that help you dominate could leave you vulnerable. Size can make you slow to react, and blind to oncoming threats.

We show you how to shake off the limits of size and recapture your wild, untamed youth. You’ll have the dexterity to outmaneuver even the most nimble adversaries.


We completely immerse ourselves in your business and your customers. Our strategists uncover the motivations behind your customers’ decisions, providing an intimate understanding of the jobs your product is hired to do and ensuring it solves real problems. Perpetual development plagues and paralyzes large brands. Our team aggressively defines an MVP and focuses your product. This eliminates the feature creep that can shift great concepts to the mean, ultimately causing them to fail. You’ll leave with a project roadmap of prioritized features, a clear timeline and complete costs. Most importantly, you’ll have a finely honed product strategy that confronts the disruptive threats facing your brand.


At BiTE, we transform our product strategies into market-ready software. Each member of our team has no less than 15 years of development experience. As a senior-only, Behavior Driven Development software product studio, we deliver a startup’s speed, dexterity and technical prowess to the world’s largest brands. Because we’re an Agile shop, release dates are never missed, costs are fixed and change orders are completely eliminated. Development completes on time and on budget. Every single time. And you leave with an innovative software product that lets you combat disruptive innovators by focusing on the real jobs your customers hire you to do.