Our intensive, on-site workshop is designed to familiarize you with the theories that drive every aspect of our product development process while creating a concrete strategy to move your brand into the next phase of product creation.

We dive deep into Jobs-to-be-Done, which defines the real jobs your customers are hiring your product to do, Switch Interviews which reveal your customers’ hidden motivations, the Four Forces which explore the reasons consumers are compelled toward or resist buying and finally we unearth the functional, social and emotional factors influencing their purchases. We complete a Product Canvas to define your product’s unique value proposition, customer segments and other important metrics. This data is integrated into a development roadmap, including schedule and costs, leaving you with a robust product strategy primed for the market.


BiTE’s senior-only team gives you the speed and insight you need to turn concrete strategy into successful product. An Agile studio, we keep scope fully dynamic, freeing us to adapt and refine to build the absolute best product for your brand. And since schedules and resources are fixed, we release on time and always meet budgets to the penny.

Behavior Driven Development is at the core of our project management, development and automated testing processes. We’ve integrated BDD and its tools to minimize risk, speed development and enable efficient communication from day one.

But BiTE does not achieve our success in isolation. It is through collaboration and by considering the various objectives of our brand partners’ departments that we navigate complex engagements to successfully develop powerful software solutions. As technology partners we provide the speed brands lack and the innovation they need. As testament, every app we have created for our brand partners (16 in total) has been featured by Apple.


Getting a new partner through sourcing can be time-consuming and extremely difficult, especially if the vendor is unprepared for the task. Fortunately, we bring the same level of responsiveness, experience, speed and dexterity to the sourcing process as we do to development. For eight years we have successfully navigated the complex onboarding process of some of the world’s largest brands.

We have a 24-hour turnaround policy for all sourcing requests. In eight years, we have never missed this deadline.