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When a $4.2B IT giant asked BiTE to build a demo app, we used intensive Jobs-to-be-Done product strategy sessions to solve real problems faced by CA and their sales prospects, in a unique and innovative way.

Concept to MVP in 12 Weeks

When CA approached BiTE to build a mobile app to help sales promote their mobile API products, they had only 12 weeks and an absolutely fixed budget. Since CA was nearing the end of fiscal and corporate governance, they had to take delivery by a certain date and on a strictly prescribed budget. There was no room to shift. Furthermore, as a publicly traded company, staying in compliance was critical for them.
“BiTE’s strategy took us in a new direction without losing sight of our business goals. Their solution perfectly fit our budget, timeline and customers’ needs.”
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Ben Urbanski
Advisor, API Management Center of Excellence


A Release Every 3 Weeks

With the delivery of a testable app at the end of each sprint, our team and our client gave real-time feedback which was taken into account and updates were released accordingly as part of the next sprint. This feedback was invaluable, allowing for rapid product iteration on a stringent deadline.


Perpetual Motion

Perpetual motion is a hallmark of BiTE’s Agile framework. If we were blocked on a task (i.e. waiting for IT to deploy a patch), our team simply moved to the next feature, ensuring we were always working on the essentials for the release.

That momentum, augmented with our experience and meticulous attention to detail, is how we’ve delivered phenomenal apps for marquee clients like CA for the last ten years.


On Budget and On Time

In just 12 weeks and on budget, we delivered a product that evolved beyond our client's expectations and initial vision an innovative and powerful tool that drove new sales by educating prospects on the value of CA’s mobile API tools. Agile is the best way to serve our clients, and for CA it resulted in an exceptional new tool.

Real Products Demonstrating Real Value

Devices display cross-platform and sales-specific mobile application for CA Technologies

CA’s sales team came to us with a compelling challenge showcase how their tools make better mobile apps, by means of an app built using those same tools. What they initially envisioned as a demo app was something like a quiz or a video player. However, we knew the best way to demonstrate the value of CA’s tools wasn’t to create another demo but to build an actual product that solved real problems for its users.

“We needed a responsive, web-based sales tool on a very tight deadline. BiTE guided us through every step of our project and were completely committed to our success.”

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photo of Lee Ames

Lee Ames
Senior Director Product Marketing

From Strategy to Product

CA let our strategists map out an entirely new solution. Instead of an app whose only value proposition was demonstrating CA’s products, we used those products to create a sales tool that helped in pitching to clients and did so while running all of CA’s mobile API tools.

We met with CA’s technical, strategy and sales teams for intensive Jobs-to-be-Done sessions. In those meetings, we defined the problems CA’s sales team had during prospect pitches, determined the reasons for customers’ buy-in (or lack thereof), and outlined the business goals of their sales app.

An Innovative Solution

The result was a radical departure from the ‘demo app’ concept that fully solved problems faced by CA and their prospects, in a unique and innovative way.

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