BiteWriter transforms the way you manage copy

As seasoned agency professionals, we’ve long known of the problems inherent in traditional copy decks. Cumbersome, slow, expensive and risky, they represent an archaic work flow in stark contrast to the lightning-fast world of mobile app development. Our years’ of experience (and frustration) with traditional copy decks led us to create a tool that allows our clients to forget copy decks ever existed.


While working on H&R Block’s app BlockMobile, we saw the copy deck dilemma at its worst. The pace of pre-tax-season coupled with last minute tax code changes and complex legal regulations meant copy management was now no longer just a matter of cost and resource allocation; there was serious risk involved for the client as well. Traditional copy decks were a huge liability, so we set about fixing the problem.


Seeing our clients struggle with copy gave us an idea: instead of putting up with the status quo, why not create a permanent solution to make copy management work for our clients? So, we set about creating BiteWriter. A cloud-based, real-time copy management solution. BiteWriter was developed from the ground up to allow writers, stakeholders and designers to review and revise copy in spreadsheets rather than clunky, awkward copy decks. Those revisions are then automatically pushed to your latest Android and iOS builds, ensuring that your copy is always up-to-date and not slowing you down.

We developed a powerful tool that has become the last word in mobile copy management.

bitecore development tool


Knowing exactly what aspects of copy management are the most troublesome for our clients helped us build a targeted tool to solve those problems permanently. By the time the next year of BlockMobile development rolled around, BiteWriter was in place and copy went from being a huge liability to an absolute non-issue. We developed a powerful tool that has since become an integral part of every single app we build for every client.