BiTE’s GUA expertise keeps H&R Block’s users safe

H&R Block needed a cross-platform, mobile-authentication solution to integrate with their complex and well-established security infrastructure. The snag was that their existing systems were designed for web browsers instead of native mobile apps. BiTE developed an original suite of mobile security interface tools from the ground up to satisfy both Block’s internal requirements and third-party security firm audits.


User login is the core of everything most apps do, and for financially sensitive apps like H&R Block’s, authentication was vital to unlocking powerful in-app features and protecting users’ financial records. Getting this piece built properly and securely meant the difference between successful and trusted brand apps and potential disasters across H&R Block’s entire suite of apps. The Global User Authentication library (GUA) was designed to communicate natively with Block’s web-centric authentication systems and the underlying protocols already in place within their infrastructure. We closely collaboration with client’s internal IT resources to assure seamless, secure session connectivity to all of Block’s services. The resultant GUA library tools integrated Block’s legacy processes and mobile apps that were already in place, and opened the door to future mobile build-outs.


The GUA library was important not only for this app, but for every app H&R Block might create in the future. Rather than building a new library for each app, BiTE created a completely secure and completely reusable solution. Our expertise allowed us to simultaneously manage multiple versions of the library, and aid other developers, both Block’s an outside vendors, in integrating the library in into various HRB apps.

BiTE developed an original suite of security tools to satisfy Block’s internal requirements and third-party audits.

HR Block GUA app


With so much work having gone into this app, we were sure it would be a blockbuster. But yet when the release finally came, consumers responded with a resounding shrug. Tragedy, right? Not at all. Though a commercial flop, we were covered by the New York Times, CBS News and many more giving BiTE incredible exposure. Our app was critically acclaimed, technically groundbreaking and led to lasting and invaluable relationships with Apple’s Review Committee. Above all this groundbreaking, ‘flop’ directly lead to us landing Infiniti, NASA and H&R Block as clients, laying the foundation for our six years’ of stellar success. We carried the principles of tenacity and calm in the face of crisis to everything we’ve done since. We’re enormously proud of the Red Carpet app, and for us it has been a very happy ending.