BiTE stops security problems before they start for H&R Block

The goal of BlockLive was to re-create the entire H&R Block experience, from conversations with your tax advisor to signing and submitting documentation. That kind of intense, personalized interaction is a delight for customers but a potential security nightmare. Keeping track of the security risks during app development requires a trained eye, and the ability to find another solution when the first won’t cut it.


We built network components to interact with servers and clients on H&R Block’s end to deliver real-time, two-way voice and video chat sessions over a completely secure network session. This ensured customers could talk about their most private financial details without worry. After building the prototype using RTP/RTSP we found H&R Block’s media server just didn’t support the security mechanisms we needed. We were undaunted. We tore down our RTP/RTSP prototype to the studs and re-built using RTMPS in order to make the final product secure as can be.


Because we scrupulously keep watch for any potential threats, we noticed one of H&R Block’s critical third-party vendor’s libraries made use of GPL code. Had we not noticed this major error, Block would have been forced to release all of their app code to the public domain, giving anyone full view of how the server worked. This potentially catastrophic problem was solved because we know these libraries like the backs of our hands and we’re always looking for security issues.

We are constant protectors of our clients’ interests, from our first meeting, to release and beyond.

H&R Block Live ipad


Our vigilance was able to save our client from another vendor’s major mistake and a potentially ruinous security problem. We are constant protectors of our clients’ interests, from our first meeting, to release and beyond. We spot problems a mile off and solve them before they cause a ripple. Our obsession with security means our clients are in safe hands.