Senior-only team makes quick work of challenge


BlockLive was an incredibly ambitious project. The goal: bring the entire in-store experience, including secure video conferencing, uploading/signing documents and credit card processing to Android, iPhone and iPad. Did we mention HRB had built the entire back-end system in Flash®? BiTE’s senior-only team of developers, strategists, project managers, creatives, QA and UX experts love challenges like this.


H&R Block had built the entire system in Adobe’s Flash®, from the backend to the desktop experience. But with iOS’s notorious inability to run Flash®, we had to build the fully featured BlockLive iPad app to integrate with a back-end that was completely incompatible. We were able to seamlessly integrate the Flash® back-end systems functionality by writing low-level network code that spoke to the Flash® in its native protocols.


When we embarked on this app, there was no documentation for the back-end system that was still in development. Sometimes in order to make leaps forward you have to dig deep to find the solution. So that’s just what we did, trying a solution one way, testing, discerning how the servers were working and then writing the documentation to match reality. All this while developing the iPad, iPhone and Android apps and keeping pace with Block’s rapidly evolving back-end development.

Our deep expertise brought the entire H&R Block in-store experience to mobile.

H&R Block Live ipad


Though the original Flash® system was built with no thought for mobile, we were able to turn it into a functional and elegant iOS and Android app. This project required deep expertise to deal with its undocumented system and conquer its incompatible back-end. Our flexible and incredibly talented development team was able to handle both while bringing the entire H&R Block in-store experience to mobile.