BiTE goes Agile with H&R Block

Every client comes to us with an approved budget they can’t exceed, a deadline they can’t miss and a list of features they must have for launch. H&R Block was no different — they had an approved budget for the year, a basic list of necessary features and of course a very famous deadline: April 15.


We established the number of sprints to fit within their budget and deadlines, then worked to prioritize user stories. We assembled a dedicated team of senior-only resources to aggressively develop all of BlockMobile’s most important features first. We gave each of our client stakeholders administrative rights to our cloud-based, work-management tool. And we held fast, efficient stand-ups every morning without fail. We embarked on a whole new level of transparency, collaboration and efficiency, guaranteeing success.


Throughout the project priorities changed. Opportunities for better UI, features and experience were presented, and new mandates came down from legal, senior management and the product owner. When the client wanted to add a major feature right before deadline we simply added more resources. Keeping scope unfixed means our team and our clients are free to adapt, making the best possible app for their users.

Ending scope concerns and ensuring an on-time delivery is why Agile was the best solution for Block.

iphone of H and R Block Mobile


Clients despise change orders and no one can miss a deadline. The agile method allows us to build award-winning apps without unanticipated, unbudgeted and potentially disastrous change orders and without a single missed deadline. Plus, incremental deliverables mean the client can make changes as we go, without added cost or risk of schedule slippage. Ending scope concerns and ensuring an on-time delivery is why Agile was the best solution for Block, and why it continues to be the way we approach our projects.