BiTE and BlockMobile live happily ever after

Copy management is a difficult, painful, and risky process. Decks are slow and cumbersome. Drafts and revisions have to be approved by multiple stakeholders before copy can move forward. It takes time, money, and dedicated resources to manage what should be simple. When H&R Block came to us, their internal resources were stretched thin and their mobile copy wasn’t being managed efficiently. But not only did we solve Block’s problem, we created a solution to solve the problem of copy for every client to come.


The tight deadlines and ultra-fast pace of pre-tax-season mean copy solutions have to keep up. Marketing messaging, focus group feedback, tax code, legal compliance, and regulations change content at lightning speed. Using a traditional copy decks becomes a ponderous, expensive, and incredibly risky proposition. For a client like Block, the possible ramifications of mistakes are huge, since even the smallest error can cost their clients money. Managing this massive risk in all aspects of app development was key to making BlockMobile a success, and the potential risks in the copy alone were more than they could tolerate.


As an agency we’ve seen copy issues slow progress, add project risk, and cost money time and time again. So we decided to create a unique solution to these age-old problems. We built BiteWriter, our extraordinary tool for managing copy. Sidestepping slow and clumsy copy decks, it allows writers and stakeholders to review copy and make changes in a simple spreadsheet which then get pushed with the latest iOS and Android apps builds. But we didn’t stop with just copy: H&R Block also needed to deliver their app in Spanish. Luckily, our translation tool BiteLingual works seamlessly with BiteWriter to allow easy, accurate, and fast copy changes in any language.

Not only did we solve H&R Block’s problem, we created a solution to solve the problem of copy for every client to come.

iphone of H and R Block Mobile


With the implementation of BiteWriter, copy creation and management went from being an high-risk, time-consuming process to smooth and headache-free. The ability to keep up with legal and multiple stakeholder changes mitigated risk, and freed up much-needed client and BiTE resources to work on bettering other aspects of the app. Beyond H&R Block, BiteWriter has become a central tool in the BiteCore arsenal, completely changing the way our clients deal with copy and transforming it from a costly and tortuous process into a complete non-issue.