BiTE makes translation work for H&R Block

H&R Block needed their flagship app to reach their Spanish-speaking customers. But while communicating brand to your audience is its own challenge, reaching your customers in their language adds another level of complexity and risk. Translation can be a daunting, laborious and very expensive job with painstaking revisions and costly delays. This already difficult process is compounded when you are working across iPhone, iPad and Android.


Typically, copy has to be finalized and locked before a translator even sees it. Meanwhile, iterative changes to the UI make copy changes and version control difficult for copywriters, translators and project managers. Invariably questions arise, halting progress while translators and stakeholders scramble to get on the same page. When there are changes, the process begins almost from scratch. Once translations are done and changes are integrated, developers have to review each screen by hand to see if the translation is too long. If it is? Well, then it goes back to the translators. Again. Multiply this painful process over many translation houses in multiple time zones and you see why Block needed a solution. But at BiTE, we know how to say “problem solved” in every language.


Our proprietary tool BiteLingual provides effortless, multi-language translation management. Rather than waiting for slow revisions in a translation’s deck, translations are entered in the cloud and compiled instantly. BiteLingual seamlessly integrates with our cloud-based copy management tool to pull the current copy and translation for your latest iOS and Android build. The previously painful method of getting your copy to translators, keeping it current and turning “click here” into “haga clic aquí” becomes smooth and headache-free.

We obviated the client’s need for costly, in-house translation management with one powerful tool.

iphone of H and R Block Mobile


With a full glossary of hundreds of tax terms, Q & A, personalized tax advice, checklists, product and legal copy the translation of BlockMobile was a big job. But we obviated the client’s need for costly, in-house translation management services with one powerful tool. We translated, tested and shipped a Spanish version of BlockMobile in just four days. All the client had to do was review the translation for style and approve for launch. Muy bueno.