Exquisite creative drives Infiniti’s Models App

Infiniti is known for elegant and beautiful luxury automotive design, and needed their app to communicate not only the specifications of their models but their aesthetic identity as well. At BiTE, we are masters of on-brand, stunning creative that takes full advantage of each platform’s capabilities. 360° model views, interior and exterior color selection, videos, photo galleries and drifting cherry blossoms worthy of Shinjuku Gyoen set this app apart from any other like it.


Originally, Infiniti and their IAOR planned to just make an animated version of their pre-existing e-brochure. Instead, we came in and crafted a fully interactive mobile experience that took full advantage of every bit of the iPad’s capabilities to produce the best (and most gorgeous) automotive app in the AppStore. Finding inspiration in everything from drifting cherry blossom petals to ink on calligraphy paper, our ideas required deep brand knowledge, world class creative and the programing talent to execute flawlessly. A spinning prism control, objects orbiting one another, a dynamically growing structure, video behind floating panels…none of these things existed in any app at the time. Our technical expertise allowed us to tweak the standard iOS controls to produce gorgeous, ahead-of-their-time interfaces and bring Infiniti’s vision to life.


We spent countless hours studying video of falling cherry blossoms to perfect the app’s look of blossoms drifting down the screen. Using the motion and innate beauty of the iPad’s accelerometer, we made some blossoms fall with a flick of the user’s wrist or drift slowly if the iPad were tilted. We created a custom, Japanese calligraphy tool to carry Infiniti’s graceful script throughout the app. These natural touches, married with the sleek videos, photo galleries and interactive specs, created a stunning and delightful experience. More than mere artifice, the app was developed and designed for scale and longevity, meaning model year-end changes could be done seamlessly and without costly code changes and redesigns.

The end result was a technically rigorous and creatively breathtaking app.

Infiniti Model iPad App


We created an entirely custom photo viewer, unique calligraphy tool, fully interactive vehicle specs and videos that spoke to the heart and soul of Infiniti design. The end result was a technically rigorous and creatively breathtaking app that showed the cars to their fullest potential, delighted the client and has been featured in over a dozen Apple App Stores throughout the world.