Creating a map for Infiniti’s Models App

Clients come to us needing help with more than just design and development. We’re experts at mobile strategy, and knowing how to get our clients from undefined vision point A to stellar app point B. When Infiniti needed a traffic-stopping app to showcase their newest models, they came to us. Their IAOR had planned to create an app by simply turning Infiniti's existing print brochure into a PDF, adding page-transition animation and minor effects and calling it a day. This is where we came in. From the rare and close relationships we developed with Apple’s review board, and our constant monitoring and attention to Apple and Amazon’s review criteria we knew this kind of shortcut would pose serious risk of rejection. Rejection would have been a catastrophic for Infiniti. They would have lost time, money and missed critical dates to support new car launches.


We keep an incredibly close watch on the app-development community, making sure every strategic decision we make is backed up by hard data, industry knowledge and constant communication with other developers and industry leaders. We also have key relationships within Apple, giving us yet another way to make sure that our clients avoid wrong turns. We were able to call our contact at Apple’s Review Board on Infiniti’s behalf, confirming our suspicions that their original idea wouldn’t fly. We scrapped it and built a robust, beautiful and usable app from scratch, taking full advantage of the iPad’s capabilities and creating something Infiniti (and the AppStore) could be proud of.


Automotive models change every year, and recreating the app afresh at year’s end is a prohibitively expensive process. We created a completely configurable app, allowing Infiniti to change every aspect from model specs and animation speeds, to image placement and functional changes. This meant that the foundation was laid to update the app with their newest models without the need for time-consuming, costly code and design changes. Our ability to always anticipate what’s around the next curve means that we design not only for current needs, but for the challenges our clients will face in the future.

Our unprecedented access to Apple’s review board took this journey from assured disaster to perfect success.

Infiniti Model iPad App


The idea we were presented by the IAOR would have been rejected outright, resulting in missed deadlines and scarce marketing dollars squandered on dead-end concepts. Our expertise with strategy and the cartography of mobile design allowed us to redraw the course the right way. We created a technically rigorous and creatively breathtaking app that gave Infiniti the freedom and flexibility to build on it for years to come. Our final product has been featured in over a dozen Apple AppStores throughout the world, and hailed as one of the best automotive apps ever made, taking this journey from potential disaster to perfect success.