700 users, 5 weeks, 100% success

For Nestlé’s social-media-focused Executive Summit they wanted to create a mobile event app that would guide, educate and get the attendees excited about the potential of social media. With 700 attendees this required a potentially complicated iOS Enterprise Program release. And the app needed to be on-site, functioning perfectly and ready to launch on 700 separate iPod Touches. In five weeks.


Nestlé’s IAOR didn’t have the in-house mobile experience nor the Enterprise Release process knowledge to complete the project. We were brought in by the agency to not only create the app with its full suite of social media featurettes, but to manage the Enterprise release and its installations in anticipation of the executive summit.


We were able to bring the concept of social media home to hundreds of busy Nestlé executives, creating a social media playground for the conference. Building this social-media-heavy app from scratch in such a short time was a considerable challenge. Installing and testing that app without the ability to even visit the conference site beforehand was a major undertaking.

From initial concept to fully functioning, installed Enterprise apps, we had only five weeks.

Nestle iphone app


Enterprise apps are difficult for even experienced shops. The licenses are tricky to obtain, and the releases themselves can be a headache. But our experience with multi-device-management and Enterprise meant that we could handle not only the development and design but the complexities of release and the staggering pace of installing and preparing 700 iPod Touches. It was our ability to make a critical delivery on an incredibly tight deadline that thrilled Nestlé and ensured that the conference was a social and technological success.