Perfecting the analytics recipe for Rachael Ray

Analytics are essential to building a marketing plan, understanding your users’ mobile needs and discovering which features are giving you the best return on your mobile investment. But launching an app without analytics to track it is a surprisingly common mistake. TastyBytes was an app based on Rachael Ray’s wildly popular TV cooking show. While the app launched, it did so without any analytics (not a single tag), making it impossible for the Ray team to know what was working and what was wasting time and money.


The Rachael Ray organization uses Omniture for their taxonomy and tracking, but didn’t implement tagging for their app. We stepped in and added mobile analytics that allowed them to track user behavior across all their platforms. Do mobile users look for more dessert recipes? How do they use their shopping lists differently than desktop users? We took their mobile user data from nonexistent to indispensable.


Managing analytics is a deceptively complex process. Tagging frameworks are difficult to organize and challenging for product owners to comprehend. Traditionally, they have to be manually entered by programmers, which is a time-consuming and costly process fraught with the potential for serious data error. We wanted to create a solution that would not only solve Rachael Ray’s mobile analytics needs, but would solve the problem for all our clients to come. Our experience managing the data for TastyBytes led to the development of BiteTrack, our automated and user-friendly analytics-management tool.

We created a solution that solved Ray’s mobile analytics needs, and all our clients to come.

Rachael Ray Tasty Bytes iphone app


With BiteTrack we removed the complexity for business owners, allowing them to define and change their analytics needs with ease. BiteTrack’s cloud-based spreadsheets automatically generate the code needed to update your tags based on the requirements your analyst has set for each event. For TastyBytes, automating the analytics process saved them time and money while giving essential insight into their users’ needs. For all our clients, BiteTrack offers a way to automate the process of generating code to track data from multiple tagging frameworks quickly and efficiently.