Green Is Home Base

A developer’s typical working procedure is: Create a feature branch off of master. Implement the feature, which will destabilize the code… Then, spend time getting everything back into a working state. It’s as if you needed to replace a part in your car that is buried deep inside of it — so first, you have …

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Tools We Use: What’s in Our CTO’s Menu Bar?

The other day, I was discussing something with BiTE CTO Brant via Slack, and he was showing me his screen for some reason; and when he got done showing me whatever it was that he was showing me, and we’d finished discussing it, and he was about to turn off his screen sharing, I said: …

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Common Pitfalls of BDD

Introduction So you’ve decided you want to drive development from behaviors, created with a shared understanding in a shared language among the Three Amigos (product owner/designer, developer, and tester). You will, most likely, immediately start seeing some benefits. But you’ll probably also encounter some difficulties. It’s important to understand that these difficulties are common. They …

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The Line Between “What” and “How”

Introduction A pervasive problem in software development is finding the line between what is a sufficiently detailed description of a product requirement and describing the "implementation details" of that requirement. Put simply; it is a problem of finding the line between what and how. A product requirement should contain everything about the "what" (and leave …

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The Shape of Things

Let’s say you want to build a chair, a simple wooden chair. Nothing fancy, it just needs to support you when you sit and not collapse when you lean back. You want one, or you need one, or your client needs one… whatever. What’s the first thing you do? Well, you look at the parts. …

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What I Look for When Refactoring

The Backstory My current assignment is working on a rather large app that had a huge summer push that involved scaling the team up to several developers per platform and the addition of a handful of third-party libraries. As anyone who has worked in iOS development will tell you, the App Delegate is often the …

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BDD as Evolved TDD

Introduction I see Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) as an evolution of Test-Driven Development (TDD). If we think about what the purpose, and real benefit, of TDD is, it’s almost impossible not to find ourselves talking about BDD, even if we aren’t calling it that. TDD means, literally, tests drive software development. What do we mean by …

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BDD Toolbox: Happy Path/Sad Path

BDD Toolbox is an ongoing set of posts to give you tools to aid in the process of doing Behavior Driven Development well. Today we’ll take a look at Happy Path/Sad Path – a tool to ensure you’ve captured success and failure cases for all of your scenarios. Happy Path/Sad Path is a way of …

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