Tips On Small-Screen Development

Most of the development team here at BiTE are very well supplied with screen real estate; in fact, I can’t believe how wide and how numerous their monitors are. Very often, someone shares their screen with me, and it’s so insanely wide that it’s almost impossible to see it on my screen, because it has …

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Understanding Git Merge

Carrying on from my earlier article about some ways in which Git is commonly misunderstood — and how I think one should understand Git — I’d like to dive a bit deeper into one of the most important things Git knows how to do: merging. If Git is often misunderstood, merging is one of the …

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Of Git and GitHub, Master and Main

Following on from my earlier blog post on understanding (and misunderstanding) Git, let’s dive deeper into some individual Git topics. Today’s article is about the branch names master and main. It’s the story of a change in the policies, at GitHub and within Git itself, about what the default initial branch name should be. This …

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Picturing Git: Conceptions and Misconceptions

Usually, I write on this blog about matters directly related to developing for iOS on a Mac. I typically talk about Xcode, the Swift language, and of course iOS itself (in particular, aspects of Cocoa Touch and related frameworks). Today I’d like to switch gears and talk about another development-related topic that’s near and dear …

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Effective Test Automation in iOS Development

Test automation is probably the single most important factor within an agile software project. Providing a customer with small, working increments of a product, delivered frequently, requires the pipeline from feature design to product delivery to operate very fast. The biggest hurdle in delivering a small change quickly is regression testing. The trouble stems from …

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Green Is Home Base

A developer’s typical working procedure is: Create a feature branch off of master. Implement the feature, which will destabilize the code… Then, spend time getting everything back into a working state. It’s as if you needed to replace a part in your car that is buried deep inside of it — so first, you have …

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Tools We Use: What’s in Our CTO’s Menu Bar?

The other day, I was discussing something with BiTE CTO Brant via Slack, and he was showing me his screen for some reason; and when he got done showing me whatever it was that he was showing me, and we’d finished discussing it, and he was about to turn off his screen sharing, I said: …

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Common Pitfalls of BDD

Introduction So you’ve decided you want to drive development from behaviors, created with a shared understanding in a shared language among the Three Amigos (product owner/designer, developer, and tester). You will, most likely, immediately start seeing some benefits. But you’ll probably also encounter some difficulties. It’s important to understand that these difficulties are common. They …

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