Xcode 12 — What a Pane

As iOS programmers, we live and breathe and have our being within Xcode, so it makes sense to be as familiar as possible with its capabilities, and to take advantage of whatever innovations allow us to get work done. But, ironically, as a new version of Xcode is released, exactly when noteworthy new features are …

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Swift 5.2: Keypaths Get a Promotion

When you’re busy programming, it’s easy to sleep through changes in the Swift language, especially minor changes; and Swift 5.2 (which emerged as part of Xcode 11.4) was definitely minor, especially in comparison with Swift 5.1. Still, this is an interesting little improvement worth knowing about. Suppose that a Person has a firstName and a …

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How to Get Started With Pods

Pods, also known as CocoaPods, are a necessary evil. And they are ubiquitous. Even if you’ve never used them, you probably know that they exist, and you may even have a general sense of what they are, because questions about them come up on Stack Overflow all the time. Basically, Pods are code libraries that …

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