This Week In Mobile

Two Watches Enter, One Watch Leaves

This week, instead of our usual post, we’re bringing you our internal Apple Watch debate. In one corner, Joseph Farrell, who wouldn’t wear one if you paid him. In the other, Brant DeBow, who plans to pre-order the second it’s April 10. After the release we’ll be bringing you posts about utility, functionality, and life […]

The NSA and CIA invade, The Watch impresses

Freedom in your apps isn’t free In a disturbing, infuriating, freedom-challenging move typical of our post-9/11 government, it has been revealed that the NSA (and the GCHQ in the UK) has developed the ability to collect private user data (everything from location to age to sexual preference) from so-called “leaky” apps like Angry Birds. What’s […]

Why Uber, Snapchat and Tinder are So Successful Despite Themselves

  Mobile Apps have created a new generation of tech moguls. As with everything in mobile, app innovations move at lightning speeds, and so does the creation of billionaire entrepreneurs. Take 23-year old CEO and co-founder of Snapchat Evan Spiegel. Snapchat has a current valuation of $10 billion. Just to get a little perspective, Spiegel […]

Apple Watch will be a huge win for Apple

While some are already pronouncing the flop of Apple Watch, I believe strongly that it will be a huge hit for Apple. Apple is no stranger to doubts. “Overpriced”, “Not any different from the small niche products in the market”, “only rabid fanboys will buy it”, “Unimpressive specs, poor battery life, dead in the water” […]

Samsung flounders, The Watch, and Sony must be joking

Oh, how the mighty have fallen When Apple released the iPhone 6 Plus, mobile pundits predicted it would be a game-changer for Apple, helping them tap into the until then phablet screen market dominated by Samsung. This week, we saw how prescient those predictions were, as Apple outsold Samsung for the first time. Ever. Apple […]

Free internet, Fire flops, and iWork for all

“The internet is the ultimate vehicle for free expression. It is simply too important to allow broadband providers to make the rules.” Yesterday an historic decision was made by the FCC. In a 3-2 vote, it was decided that the Internet will be reclassified as a utility under Title II. If you’re not sure what […]

Net Neutrality: A Primer

  This Thursday, February 26, Net Neutrality comes up for a vote (that is, if the Republicans don’t get their wish for a delay), and it looks likely to go through. Obama has expressed his support, and the tide of public opinion is on the side of Neutrality. If you’re like a lot of people, […]

Apple Pay, competition watch, Phire glass, and Raspberri Pi

Oh steward, another cocktail please JetBlue announced this week that they’re adding in-flight Apple Pay functionality. That means no more wrangling with crumpled dollars in the bottom of your carry-on as you try to scrape up the $9 for that thimble-sized bloody mary. But even better, we hear that you’ll be able to upgrade your […]