This Week In Mobile

Mobile Apps that (Continue to) Surprise and Delight

With stellar design, advanced functionality, unprecedented success, surprising innovation, unsurpassed longevity or a combination of all, these are the apps that continue stand out in the sea of 1.5 million (and counting). Monument Valley Released by UsTwo in 2014, this surreal, interactive game turns perspective on its head in a visually exquisite programming achievement. It’s […]

Facebook, Twitter, Uber…all got kinda gross

If I’m not free to embarrass myself on Facebook, what is the world coming to? You’d think that after the fallout over their emotional manipulation experiment, Facebook would become the very model of discretion and privacy, and knock it off with the machiavellian shenanigans already. Just because they have access to staggering amounts of personal […]

What is Apple thinking?!

Apple’s latest round of App Store capriciousness indicates a huge threat to their long-term future. Apple certainly has it’s share of naysayers and doom-predictors, and there’s no shortage of people who are waiting in line to give Tim Cook advice (or call for his replacement). In general, I would disagree with all of that. Tim […]

Caveat Emptor: Why Most M&As Destroy Value

Between 2009-2013 Google, Inc made a staggering 69 acquisitions, Facebook 33, and lately Yahoo seems to acquiring companies (112 to date) faster than you can say Marissa Mayer. Most of these acquisitions center around mobile. But there’s a persistent belief in big business that mergers and acquisitions inherently destroy the value of the acquired company. […]

AT&T (again), CAPTCHA’s fall, Microsoft’s latest fails

Big business v. small town We’re starting to think that AT&T is a firm believer in the “all PR is good PR” theory, since this is the second time in a single week they’ve made headlines for pretty sketchy behavior. After Wednesday’s interesting admission that they’re moving ahead with expansion plans regardless of the outcome […]

AT&T’s tantrum, Apple’s stumble, and Shazam’s BDD

AT&T takes back their tantrum (and let us never speak of it again) One worry in the massively complicated, “if you don’t pick the right side you’re a bad person and should feel bad” Net Neutrality debate is the idea that without any financial incentive (that is, without the ability to charge content creators extra […]

The war rages on, and “free” is just another word for something more to pay

He which hath no stomach to this fight, let him depart; his passport shall be made.  The iOS/Android feud has always been intense. Coke v. Pepsi intense. Dodgers v. Giants intense. The most polite of your friends will let a disparaging comment fly if you switch from one platform to the other (as I recently […]

The Fall of TV, Apple Pay, 6% Whales, and Facebook’s (latest) Fail

“More revolution will come from smartphones than from any previous computing product in history. It’s because of this that we will see a future with one billion more people online, a future only made possible because of mobile.” –@BenBajarin TV: The King has Fallen Last week we talked about the incredible growth mobile internet has […]