This Week In Mobile

Why CTOs Need to Think About APIs Before Websites

By moving the primary focus from your website to your API, your organization will be far more prepared to thrive in the mobile revolution. I came out of college right at the exciting explosion of the web. Most people paid little attention to it, Wired looked like this, and my family would get excited when […]

Wearable, Global, Neutral

Intel Takes on Wearables There was a time not too long ago that Intel was synonymous with computers. If you had a PC, it came with a reassuring “Intel Inside” sticker, and if you had a Mac you were secretly embarrassed if you still had the PPC version. Fast-forward a few years, and the slow […]

Why is Amazon Flailing?

With the disastrous release of Fire Phone and the utterly ignorable Echo, it seems Amazon has lost its way. The trouble started when Amazon forked Android to make Fire OS. While Android is technically open source, and anyone can take the code (AOSP) and build, there are limitations. AOSP gives you the basics, but it […]

Apple Pay v. MCX

ApplePay v. MCX When Apple announced its ApplePay system for the iPhone 6, mobile apps were downloaded, consumers cheered, wallets were burned in protest (well, in spirit) and lone competing mobile-payment company MCX set about making sure ApplePay wouldn’t work in any of their consortium’s stores (no small names here, either – we’re talking WalMart, […]

How and Why Mobile Apps are Redefining Every Industry

When Steve Jobs announced the iPhone he made a bold claim, putting Multi-Touch in the same revolutionary interface category as the mouse and the iPod scroll wheel. Horace Dediu annotated the above image to indicate the huge markets that each of these interfaces enabled. Whole markets are being redefined in the context of mobile. CTOs […]

Why Android Fragmentation Isn’t a Problem (Anymore) in Developing Mobile Apps

Google has done a remarkable job solving the problem of development fragmentation with their implementation of Google Play Services.  A Brief History The Android landscape was in a precarious position in terms of development. On the positive side, it was rapidly exploding with several manufacturers releasing a multitude of devices. This barrage of so many […]

App Store Curation: An Open Letter To Tim Cook

App Store Curation: An Open Letter To Tim Cook One has to admire JLG’s tenacity: He’s offered up this piece of advice as the App Store hit 250k, 500k, and 1 million apps. But his argument is sound. He calls on Apple to follow Michelin’s century-old idea and offer a highly opinionated, curated guide to […]

What Steve Jobs Wouldn’t Have Done – stratechery by Ben Thompson

What Steve Jobs Wouldn’t Have Done – stratechery by Ben Thompson Ben Thompson looks at the change that others have noted in Apple after Monday’s keynote. His take is that Apple, under Jobs, had a healthy fear of 1997 – the year they were 30 days away from missing payroll and had to get bailed […]