This Week In Mobile

Autonomy and Autocrats

Autonomy on Two Wheels Unless you’re completely shutting out all transportation news (and we’d understand if you were) you’ll have heard about micromobility and the rise of the scooter-share. Naysayers call it a gimmick, an invitation to thieves and vandals (there are entire Instagram accounts devoted to trashing public scooters), and a boon to personal […]

Uber Under

Remember when Uber was not only the “next big thing” but was hailed as the ultimate and permanent disruption of the transportation industry? Halcyon days. And it was, to a point. In just nine years it went from charming San Francisco novelty to global behemoth with its hands in everything from food delivery to freight. […]

Bomb of money hundred dollar bills with a burning wick.

Tetherless Watch, AT&T’s $100M Smackdown and Goes Blackberry Android

Breaking the Tether  Apple Watch is only a few months old, and already we’re talking about its next incarnation, supposedly to be released in 2016 (which means someone in my life is getting a hand-me-down 1st gen for their birthday). A rumored video camera will be included so users can make and receive FaceTime calls. […]

How Apple and Google are Helping Cure Humanity’s  Diseases

  Apple announced the open-platform medical research tool ResearchKit on April 15, and while it was overshadowed by news of the Apple Watch, it’s a tool with staggering potential for… well… humanity. “We are incredibly confident that [ResearchKit] will have a profound impact on all of us,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said at WWDC in […]

Apple Music: The good, bad, and Eddy Cue’s shirt

This week’s main story, of course, was Apple’s WWDC. This year’s “one more thing” was Apple Music. There was an equal mix of good and bad in the oddly long, painfully awkward unveiling. A meandering, dad joke-heavy mess of a presentation, it did give us something to think about. Why music? Apple shouts from the […]

Project Titan: What We Know So Far About the Apple Car

Over the years, speculation over the next Apple product has become a way of life. Entire sites devote themselves to the dissemination of rumors and the aggregation of insider tidbits. Today I’ll pick apart the facts and rumors about the much-talked-about Apple Car. Wait, what? So I’m saying it’ll really happen? Yes, it’ll happen, and […]

The Next Billion People

The electricity-defying Gravity Light Worldwide, 1.3 billion people live without any access to electricity. That’s 18% of the world’s population. So what are we doing to bring power to these people? Jim Reeves and Martin Reddiford have made an incredible step forward with their amazing Gravity Light, a portable, low-cost light that relies on no […]

Autonomous Cars and the Sketchy NSA

The NSA hits keep on coming In the past three years we’ve learned more about the NSA than we ever thought we would. And no matter how sketchy they could be in our imaginations, the reality seems to be worse with each new tidbit we receive. But at least they never planned to infect your […]