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BiTE Shepherds GamePlans from Concept to Scale

GamePlans came to us because they had identified a set of real jobs that were not being done for amateur team sports players and organizations. They had a mobile app concept that elegantly filled this gap, and was targeted toward this underserved group. Self-funded with a tight budget, short timeframe, and big goals, they needed to rapidly-produce both native iOS and Android apps. Getting to MVP as quickly as possible was critical to proving traction and secure funding before competitors overtook them. The idea was compelling, the business challenges were exciting and the GamePlans team spoke to our love of working with energetic, passionate startups.

Before our first development sprint, we created the GamePlans logo and brand guidelines, compiled all features into a product roadmap, and worked directly with the GamePlans team to determine MVP. With each successive sprint, we iteratively developed the native iPhone and Android apps and built the complex back-end server.

“We had a great idea, but no roadmap on how to get there. BiTE’s strategy team built us a path and their development team built us a fantastic app that integrated scheduling, calendar integration, and fully utilized the capabilities of iOS.”

logo of game plans
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Stefani Warren

Behavior Driven Development

Managing the complexity, scale and changes of this ambitious two-platform plus back-end startup project required a system that would speed up development, automate QA and (most importantly) create a single, authoritative repository for scope. Projects like GamePlans are the reason why BiTE is a Behavior-Driven Development studio, and why we remain passionate advocates of its value to our clients.

One of the hardest parts of building software is understanding exactly what should be built. BDD solves this by using concrete examples in plain English to illustrate the intended behavior of the software. It is a simple tool that allows programmers, product owners, and creatives to seamlessly integrate with Agile frameworks, ensuring all team members know what to build in the face of frequent changes and adaptations.

GamePlans was no exception. With BDD’s automated testing, the team always knew if a test script or feature was done and up-to-date. If a BDD scenario was changed, it would fail. This failure signaled to the team what needed attention to make the scenario pass.

Idea to MVP

With the efficiency of BDD, we were able to finish the back-end server development and release the iPhone and Android apps to the App Store and Google Play on time and budget. With successfully launched MVPs online, GamePlans secured the funding they needed to move their product to scale.

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