A Mobile Product Studio.

We are mobile experts who get to know our clients and understand their business and their customers to make great mobile products.
This is what makes us unique.

Customer pushed and pulled towards new action, held back by habit and anxiety.

Jobs-To-Be-Done Product Strategists

We are far more than expert designers and mobile developers. We have helped the largest enterprises and the most innovative startups build exceptional products that go beyond an array of features. We understand the complex nuances of your business and your users to build mobile products that solve the real jobs your customers need done.

Iterative process of BDD in digital application development

Behavior Driven Development

BDD is a powerful process that creates a deep understanding of what should to be built to produce exceptional software faster, with less cost and less risk. BiTE uses BDD in our projects in addition to teaching and coaching other teams in BDD.

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11 Years of Mobile

Since 2008 we’ve helped companies like Prudential, Infiniti, NASA, H&R Block, Nestle General Mills and Rachael Ray develop better mobile apps to respond to market opportunities, prove traction and reach millions.

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Quality + Expertise > Economy

We believe in quality and expertise over economy. So we are entirely based in the United States and Canada. All work is done in-house by our senior team members and nothing is ever farmed out.

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Exclusively Mobile

We are exclusively dedicated to iOS, Android and IoT. From low-level networking coding to the nuanced custom UI app development, there’s no part of the iOS or Android we haven’t mastered.

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Top 10%

We only hire the top 10% of strategists, creatives, project managers, developers and QA engineers. Once they’ve joined our team we actively support and encourage each member’s personal and professional growth. This translates into phenomenal retention, and retention translates into a tight knit team that delivers far greater speed, efficiency and quality for clients.

Idea for mobile application enters conveyor belt and exits as finished product

Minimum Viable Product Specialists

Getting your mobile app to MVP and in the hands of your customers is the most important milestone of your product’s lifecycle.
We specialize in going from concept to Minimally Viable Product in 12 weeks.

Our Core Beliefs

These Certain core beliefs keep us true to our commitment to build revolutionary software products that change our everyday lives for the better.
Unconnected wires extend from Andriod, iOS, and IoT software

Wildly Success

Achieving our clients’ goals is great. Exceeding our clients’ wildest expectations is better. With each client, we ask: “How do we make your project wildly successful?” Then, we don’t stop working until we get there.

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Loyalty to the Goal

We serve as moral leaders on our clients’ projects. We believe that everyone is responsible for the project’s success, which means that we fill gaps we find — even when they are outside the original scope.
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Hitting the Mark

For a small team to deliver high-caliber products with speed and precision, every single person has to hit the mark all the time. We only hire experienced strategists, designers, and developers in the top 10% of their fields.
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From time to time, hard choices and situations surface. And when they do we shine a very bright light on them. Trust thrives in transparency, and so we openly discuss challenges with clients, vendors and team members. We believe the best ideas happen when we confront problems together.

Our Team

Eleven years ago, Joseph co-founded BiTE interactive with Brant DeBow. Combining operations and product strategy he believes customers hire products for more than their functional attributes, and thrives on helping companies discover the hidden social and emotional jobs their customers want from great products.

Software Developer


Creative Director

pedro contreras

Software Developer

Brant Debow

Chief Technology Officer

Jim Dempster

Product Developer

Joseph Farrell

Chief Product Officer

Drew Hopkins

UX Designer

Yanick Lavoie

Software Developer

Robin Leigh

Director of Content

Jeff Rainey

Software Developer

Carissa Sinclair

Director of UX & Visual Design

Matthieu Smith

Software Developer

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