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BiTE created a stunningly beautiful and technically rigorous app for the industry’s best-designed luxury automobiles. Strategic product development eliminated potential roadblocks in the Apple approval process.

Exquisite Creative Drives Infiniti’s Models App

Infiniti needed its iPad app to communicate the elegance and luxury of their brand. The design had to be more than just an accompaniment. It needed to communicate on-brand, stunning creative that took full advantage of the iPad’s robust capabilities.

A Strategic Pivot

Infiniti’s initial goal was to make an animated e-brochure. However, after our on-site strategy session, we convinced our client to pursue a far more engaging and immersive brand experience. Finding inspiration in everything from drifting cherry blossom petals to ancient Japanese calligraphy, our ideas required in-depth brand knowledge, world-class creative, and programming talent to execute flawlessly.

Interactive infographics on iPad invite customers to explore Infiniti's product line

“BiTE developed an iPad app for us that delivered features and creative that were exactly what our customers wanted and our sales teams needed.”

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Jennifer Putney
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Longevity & Scale

The combinations of high definition traditional Japanese pastoral scenes combined with sleek videos, photo galleries, and interactive product placement created a stunning visual experience. Furthermore, beyond creating the fully branded, visually stunning consumer experience, we also needed to build an app that fully met Nissan’s unique business needs of easy updates, rapid deployment, scalability, and longevity.

We used this opportunity to build out a complete platform for both Infiniti and Nissan’s models. The back end easily accommodated assets, copy, and even brand element changes, allowing our client to use the framework for any make, model, or year. This enabled us to build apps for the dozens of models within the Nissan and Infiniti portfolio at a fraction of the time and cost of churning out multiple customized apps, each tailored to a specific make/model.

Form and Function

The result was a technically rigorous and aesthetically pleasing app and app platform that not only delighted the client upon delivery but was also flexible enough to scale and showcase the company’s products for years to come. The synergized blend of aesthetics and progressiveness thrilled Nissan and was featured in over a dozen Apple App Stores throughout the world.

Infiniti's refined design on iPad capably balances aesthetics and technical complexity

BiTE Navigates the Open Road

Clients come to us needing help with more than just design and development. We’re experts at mobile strategy, and know-how to usher our clients from undefined vision (Point A) to a stellar app (Point B).

When Infiniti needed a traffic-stopping app to showcase their newest models, they came to us. Their IAOR planned on creating an app by simply turning Infiniti’s existing print brochure into a PDF, adding simple page-transition animation and minor effects. That is where we came in.

Based on our vast experience and close relationship with Apple’s Review Board, and being fully aware of Apple’s review criteria, we knew taking that kind of shortcut would pose a serious risk of rejection. Not being able to make it to the App Store would have been a serious problem for Infiniti, resulting in lost time, money, and missed critical dates to support new car launches.

“BiTE made every deadline and delivered an exceptional product at the end of each sprint. As our project grew, they worked with an increasing number of departments to secure buy-in and ensure success.”

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photo of Jennifer Putney

Jennifer Putney
Vice President Total Retirement Solutions

Knowing the Landscape

We keep an incredibly close watch on the app-development community, making sure every strategic decision we make is backed by factual data, industry knowledge, and information sharing with our peers and industry champions. We also have key relationships within Apple, enabling us to guide our clients in making the right calls as far as iOS development is concerned.

To assess the feasibility of Infiniti’s original concept (i.e. using their existing print brochure to create the app), we reached out to our contact at Apple’s Review Board. Our suspicion was confirmed. Their app would have been rejected. As a result, Infiniti agreed to scrape their original concept.

Instead, we built a robust, beautiful, and usable app from scratch, taking full advantage of the iPad’s capabilities and creating a product Infiniti (and the App Store) could be proud of.

Infiniti app showcasing the design of the M model's shocks
Design flow explores the functional sequence and visual consistency of Infiniti's application

Configurable and Reusable

Automotive models change every year, and recreating the app afresh at year’s end is a prohibitively expensive process. We developed a completely configurable app, allowing Infiniti to change every aspect from model specs and animation speeds to image placement and functional changes. This meant that the foundation was laid to update the app with Infiniti’s newest models without the need for time-consuming and costly infrastructure changes.

Our ability to anticipate what’s around the next curve means that we design not only for current needs but for the potential future challenges our clients could face.

From Dead-end to Lauded Success

The idea we were presented with by Infiniti’s agency would have been rejected outright, resulting in missed deadlines and scarce marketing dollars squandered on a dead-end concept. Our expertise with strategy and the cartography of mobile design allowed us to redraw the course the right way.

We created a technically rigorous and creatively breathtaking app, designed to easily scale to give Infiniti the freedom and flexibility to build on it for years to come. Our final product has been featured in over a dozen Apple App Stores throughout the world. In the end, we were able to take this project from dead-end to full throttle.

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