At kickoff, we walk your key stakeholders through our processes and tools, and we demonstrate how each grows shared understanding, increases collaboration, and shifts schedules and costs left.


Project Management

Our project management processes ensure that every aspect of the project stays on track. They allow us to write features, use epics, log bugs, communicate blockers, and track and report progress.


Agile methodology underpins everything we do. We’ll explain how we use it to adapt to change, and we’ll walk through the schedule and pace of deliverables, so client stakeholders know what to expect during each sprint.


We give you an overview of each phase of behavior driven development, explaining our process and your role in its success.

Find out how BDD helps us build remarkable apps.

Supporting Tools and Expected Deliverable

Finally, we give you a walkthrough of our supporting tools and how we use them to quickly and efficiently communicate with our clients.

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At the end of an hour, you’re completely integrated into our systems and ready to collaborate.