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Product Strategy

The best product Strategists don’t ask for requirements. Instead we ask what problems your customer have. Based firmly in Jobs-to-be-Done methodology, we go beyond the functional reasons why customers buy (e.g., price, cost, color, size) to unearth the far compelling social and emotional motivations that drive your customers to desire your product.
Customer motivations assessed through the Jobs-To-Be-Done method
Application development on iOS, Andriod, IoT and backend platforms

Mobile Application Design

We design fluid, intuitive, accessible mobile apps that connect on both the functional and emotional level. BiTE’s creative processes ensure every design, architectural and branding decision maps back to usability, accessibility and problems to solve.

Native iOS, Android and IoT Development

We have been exclusively developing apps since iOS 2 and Cupcake. All development is done in-house and onshore by seasoned native iOS, Android and backend developers. See this difference expertise makes.
Transformation of website to mobile application
Mobile app consultation for start-ups and entrepreneurs

BDD & Agile Consultancy

We share our expertise via Behavior Design Driven (BDD) bootcamps and on-site extended consultation projects. We can streamline your Agile process, teach product development best practices, and insert our senior development resources as mentors and team leads.

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