Go Team

We know the demands and sacrifices needed to produce great software
for Fortune 500 clients. We believe in sticking to project plans, frequently
updating documented processes, holding post mortems, and pushing
back on unreasonable client requests.

We believe open and continued communication, especially in a fully
remote company, is fundamental to good work, and our team members
are accessible and always responsive.

Culture Matters

We also understand the importance of work-life balance. Feeling fried?
Need to decompress for a few hours or run to the store in the middle of
the day? As long as your work gets done and you’re available when that
red phone rings.
We believe in our process, well-designed and meticulously maintained
project plans, wireframes, comps, and copy decks. We use structure to
eliminate chaos, and we never stop evolving.

We Believe in You

Your insight and knowledge are incredibly valuable to us, and we encourage every
member of the team to speak up. If you are confused, concerned, or just curious we
want you to ask questions.

Passionate People

Outside of work, we’re a tight-knit group made up of smart, fun, diverse people. Our #random channel in Slack is populated with snarky memes, music finds, vacation videos, pets and kids, obscure tech news, and Kurzgesagt Youtube videos. We even have online game nights every few weeks. (Thanks BoardGameArena!)
If this sounds like your kind of place, check out our current positions. And if you don’t see the perfect fit, send us your resume anyway. You just might be the one person who can beat Joe at Red7.