What We Do


BDD is the foundation for everything we do. It guarantees comprehensive testing coverage and a laser focus on business goals. BDD provides absolute assurance that your app meets your requirements.

Continuous Integration & Automation

We know that small, targeted changes, made often, integrated and tested thoroughly, dramatically reduce risk. Using CI and Automation, we reduce risk and ensure quality.

Accessibility for All

Great apps are built on a foundation of user experience. But not all users have the same needs. Whether it’s handling a larger default text size, or cooperating with screen reading, we sweat the details to make sure that all your customers have the experience they deserve.

Code Reviews

Our team reviews each and every line of code before releasing to QA or to our clients.

That extra round of expert review drives code quality even further. Whether it’s raising architectural questions, making sure everything is documented, checking test coverage, or clarifying assumptions, our team works together to challenge each other to the high standards we share.

Who We Are

Tech Strategists

Our developers don’t simply produce great code. They are an integral part of our strategic process, providing innovative solutions to unique client problems. We see development as an opportunity to push features and design further.


Integration Experts

Our developers are not just SWIFT and Kotlin experts — they are integration specialists. In the course of an engagement, our team learns the protocols, intricacies, and undocumented quirks inherent in your infrastructure.


When roadblocks arise, our developers don’t stop. They research novel solutions and do feasibility spikes. They code to a mock API based only on specs when the server is still being built. They even find and engage the coders of third party libraries until we find a way forward.

We excel at solving the real challenges that enterprise development faces.

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