Shifting Left

Cost increases exponentially the further into development you get.

By not testing until the end of the project, you risk making other decisions
that compound a problem. Errors are integrated into the code; bugs become
woven into the fabric of the project, requiring significant refactoring to
correct. Small mistakes become massive (and massively expensive).

By testing iteratively and constantly, we verify every step, correcting when
needed when costs and risk are low.

Feedback Loop

The length of your feedback loop determines the size and danger of your

Continuous input is critical to reducing risk, and to producing the best
possible mobile app. We determine a feature, build it, test it, and
incorporate any changes into the code, before they become problems. Short
iterations and perpetual feedback keep us efficient, and ensure every piece
of code is working as it should, from day one.

Keystone Components

In the BDD process of Discovery, it’s absolutely vital to have a QA engineer present. Their expertise and hard-earned wisdom are a key part of bringing up the kinds of questions that root out problems before they become solidified in code. Our QA engineers are experts at asking the right questions early in the process, digging into the details, and making sure that we deliver on every promise the app makes.

We need somebody who’s thinking about what we have to verify, what could go wrong, and how we can mitigate it.

Our incredible QA engineers bring discipline, perspective, and experience. And they build the best mobile apps.

Fundamental to BDD, and fundamental to the way we build mobile
apps, is the idea that we discover, develop, and test iteratively and
collaboratively, from the first day of development to the day we

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