Joseph Farrell

Chief Executive Officer
Joseph’s deep understanding of Jobs-to-be-Done theory, software development and marketing, along with his passion for Behavior Driven Development help him create roadmaps and complex strategies that solve the problems of Fortune 1000 brands and startups alike. As Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of BiTE interactive, he leads all aspects of strategic planning from story development to implementation. Joe is a natural mentor, and brings his years of startup experience to a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Brant DeBow

Chief Technology Officer
Brant’s 15+ years of technology and UX experience helps our clients build the right solutions for their customers’ problems. He is passionate about new technology, and specializes in translating the complex and obscure into the understandable and exciting. He is involved in all aspects of strategy and development and delivers creative, out-of-the-box solutions to clients’ most complex tech issues. He is an advocate of Jobs-to-be-Done theory, Lean Canvas, Behavior Driven Development and Agile processes. Those principles, combined with his experience in interactive advertising and marketing, help shape his unique style of leadership.