From initial concept to post-funding growth, we provide partnership and guidance as you progress.


Creating an effective strategy isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. We offer two different options to suit your needs:

  1. Our free mentorship will give you the tools you need to test and validate your business idea. We provide research materials and guidance while you go through the process of validation using Jobs-to-be-Done theory. Bi-weekly meetings will keep you on track as you progress from initial insight to fully-fledged strategy.
  2. In our accelerated, one-week program, we do the work for you, conducting intensive Jobs-to-be-Done sessions and creating a complete product strategy. This option also includes unlimited strategic consulting once your roadmap is complete.


Building your MVP is the most critical phase of your growth, and is essential for proving traction. Knowing what to build is as important as knowing how to build it. Armed with an effective strategy that defines the job your product is doing, we build your MVP quickly and efficiently when time and money are in their shortest supply.


We define your Key Performance Indicators, and help you vet and negotiate a contract with the Programmatic Marketing partner that’s right for you. We help set a realistic test budget, determining the best country and identifying target demographics and psychographics for your test campaigns. Once complete, we compile your campaigns’ data into a tight, compelling, VC-ready presentation. Finally, our team can augment your pitch by fully participating in investor presentations.


Joseph and Brant currently serve as acting CTO and COO for several pre- and post-VC funded startups. As members of the team we provide: