Technology for All, Part II

Last week we talked about some of the ways technology is rising to meet the challenges of consumers with disabilities. We thought we’d continue that this week, and take a look at the way Apple, and the iPhone in particular, is reaching users with special needs.  Pro Accessibility       The iPhone 11 Pro […]

Tech for All Mankind

Simplified and Accessible This week, we’re focusing on how technology is stepping up to meet the needs of those with physical and cognitive challenges. There’s so much about emerging technology that is fun and frivolous and desirable that we often forget about those who stand to gain the most from tech advances — people whose […]

Intersection: Updating to iOS 7

Intersection: Updating to iOS 7 Christopher Hills (who has cerebral palsy) explains the brand new accessibility features for users with switch controls. These are assistive devices that allow people with motor impairments to use a precise touch-driven interface like iOS. It is the equivalent of what VoiceOver was to the visually impaired. It is so […]