The Line Between “What” and “How”

Introduction A pervasive problem in software development is finding the line between what is a sufficiently detailed description of a product requirement and describing the "implementation details" of that requirement. Put simply; it is a problem of finding the line between what and how. A product requirement should contain everything about the "what" (and leave […]

BDD Toolbox: Happy Path/Sad Path

BDD Toolbox is an ongoing set of posts to give you tools to aid in the process of doing Behavior Driven Development well. Today we’ll take a look at Happy Path/Sad Path – a tool to ensure you’ve captured success and failure cases for all of your scenarios. Happy Path/Sad Path is a way of […]

From Waterfall to Agile

When we began BiTE, we were a fixed price/scope studio. And while we were small, this model worked. Mobile was in its infancy, so projects were relatively straightforward. During these early days, we could grind out change on nights and weekends even if it wasn’t ‘in-scope.” Fixed Scope Pitfalls But as mobile started to grow […]

From Manual Testing to BDD in Mobile App Development

Over our seven year history, we have evolved our software development and QA processes significantly. We started app development knowing mobile was the future, but back then our QA process was decidedly retro. We manually tested our software on each device, plodding through the same test scripts over and over in iOS on a host […]

How to Do BDD and Agile Well for Your Mobile App Project

  In a previous post I wrote about how Jobs to be Done theory can be used to develop a clear and powerful mobile strategy. But once you have this mobile strategy in place, and have developed your stories, how do you then execute BDD well in an Agile environment? Going from a waterfall, fixed-price […]

How to Manage Your Agency’s Mobile App UX in an Agile Environment

More brands and agencies are moving towards Agile as they realize the power, speed and efficiency of this process. But how does a product owner manage UX in an iterative environment where scope isn’t fixed? In traditional Waterfall methodology, wireframes and comps are created, internally review, edited, reviewed again, presented to the client, feedback collected, […]

Three Things We Humans Are Terrible At And What It Means For Mobile App Development

Three pitfalls of self-delusion and how humility, flexibility, and knowledge can save your mobile app development project. 1. Multitasking The term “multitasking” came from my world of computer science. Doing multiple things at once can elusively make us feel as though we are multiplying our productivity, but the actual truth is pretty damning. While you […]

How a Cucumber Helps Your Three Amigos Speak Pidgin

Mobile app development needs to move fast, which means using Agile and Agile user stories.  Agile user stories typically follow the following format: As a __, I want to __, so that __. User stories are typically written by the Product Owner. In many cases, developers and QA resources are specifically excluded from this process. […]