How CTOs and Managers Can Help Their Engineers be Great at Mobile App Development

Provide the best tools, carve out time to learn, and remove distractions and obstacles. There’s an adage that to earn a small fortune in the stock market you only need one thing: start with a large one. Similarly, if you want your engineers to do great work, it’s a good idea to hire great engineers. […]

More Reasons Agile is the Best Choice for Your Mobile App Development

Seven mistakes to avoid when going Agile.  Agile has been both evangelized for its ability to allow for rapid delivery of product, and dismissed as chaotic. After years of frustration with traditional project management, I have grown to love Agile. The speed with which you can complete projects, and the ability to manage cost and […]

How Agile Changed the Mobile App Development Game

Why is Agile is the best choice for your brand? In 2010, I transitioned H&R Block’s mobile app development program from the fixed price/scope model to Agile. Solving many of the flawed assumptions inherent in fixed scope development was a big job but by far the largest and most beneficial shift I helped them make. […]

From Zero to API in One Working Week

A day-by-day guide for your mobile app development team In software development, some projects require extreme agility. Your team is now required to stand up a mobile API in one week. This can be intimidating for even the most experienced team. Take a deep breath, and map out your week. Day 1: Domain/project research Before […]

The Problem With Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Five questions you should ask before starting a new project. Staring into the abyss of mobile development can be scary. The development options are numerous. Should you choose native? Cross-platform? Web app? Naturally you may want to use your internal development team, but if you don’t already have native mobile developers you may be considering […]