What Apple Watch’s Patient Monitoring Means for the Future of Medicine

In the vast list of changes COVID-19 has made to our everyday lives, one you may not think about often is the growing need for medical professionals or caregivers to be able to monitor patients while keeping (social) distance. Then again, maybe you do think about it. There are 40.4 million unpaid caregivers of adults […]

This Decade in Mobile

Photo by Roberto Nickson Ten Years of Tech   We went back and forth about how to talk about the decade. Every columnist and their brother was doing a “best of” — some about which products were most influential and some about which were most successful. But we wanted to tell you which products meant […]

UWB and the Future of Health

UWB The Apple event two weeks ago was pretty spectacular (even for us, and we’ve live-tweeted a LOT of Apple events). Not only did they announce the release of iPhone 11 (with its kinda silly, fashion colors) but they also unveiled the iPhone 11 Pro (for…professional phone users?), which we freely admit we’re willing to […]