Copyright trolls, the NSA, and a Failing Zynga

Copyright troll smackdown, part II Hated “copyright troll” firm Prenda Law got its just comeuppance this week, when the 9th Circuit tore it a proverbial new one while hearing oral arguments against the ruinous sanctions imposed two years ago by Judge Otis Wright. Continuing their masochistic tour of US courts, Prenda’s principals unsuccessfully argued that […]

Apple Pay’s slow start, Microsoft buys, Politicians lie

Apple Pay is Everywhere….Sorta The advent of Apple Pay ushered in a new era of point-of-sale ease. Instead of fumbling around in your wallet for cash or credit cards, you can now just tap your phone (and soon, your watch) and the transaction is complete. But in spite of the cakewalk process, the adoption is […]

Apple Watch will be a huge win for Apple

While some are already pronouncing the flop of Apple Watch, I believe strongly that it will be a huge hit for Apple. Apple is no stranger to doubts. “Overpriced”, “Not any different from the small niche products in the market”, “only rabid fanboys will buy it”, “Unimpressive specs, poor battery life, dead in the water” […]

Apple Pay, competition watch, Phire glass, and Raspberri Pi

Oh steward, another cocktail please JetBlue announced this week that they’re adding in-flight Apple Pay functionality. That means no more wrangling with crumpled dollars in the bottom of your carry-on as you try to scrape up the $9 for that thimble-sized bloody mary. But even better, we hear that you’ll be able to upgrade your […]

Mobile Payments, Loyalty Programs and Your App

  Brand agnostic consumers to loyalist customes. Loyalty programs are nothing new. 46% of consumers consider loyalty benefits when planning their purchases. What is new is the unprecedented ability to connect with your consumers at the point of sale using mobile to drive loyalty participation, engagement and ultimately, increase sales. According to mobile analytics firm […]

Grand gestures, Samsung in the ring, Amazon says now.

Oh, we get it. It mutes. Around here we talk a lot about Jobs-to-be-Done; the theory that you must solve a customer’s real and ongoing problems. Now with that in mind, watch this Microsoft ad. Trust us, it’s SFW and won’t offend any sensibilities (other than your cinematic ones). That, my friends, is Microsoft’s latest […]

The Fall of TV, Apple Pay, 6% Whales, and Facebook’s (latest) Fail

“More revolution will come from smartphones than from any previous computing product in history. It’s because of this that we will see a future with one billion more people online, a future only made possible because of mobile.” –@BenBajarin TV: The King has Fallen Last week we talked about the incredible growth mobile internet has […]

Apple Pay v. MCX

ApplePay v. MCX When Apple announced its ApplePay system for the iPhone 6, mobile apps were downloaded, consumers cheered, wallets were burned in protest (well, in spirit) and lone competing mobile-payment company MCX set about making sure ApplePay wouldn’t work in any of their consortium’s stores (no small names here, either – we’re talking WalMart, […]