Reviews are In, HBO Now, Windows Phone RIP

Reviews, Reviews, and a Limit of ONE The hotly anticipated Apple Watch is about to come into our lives, and now that tech writers everywhere have gotten their hands on one…wrists on…you know what I mean, it’s time to see what they have to say. Resoundingly and unsurprisingly the watch is being touted as the […]


SteamOS Steam announced what could be a big deal in the console market – SteamOS: an open source OS for dedicated living room consoles. This is a big deal because Steam has been a big deal amongst PC (Win and Mac) gamers. Bringing that to the living room in a compelling way might be a […]


CannyVision Sisir Koppaka with some thoughts on just what Apple means by “forward looking”. He ties together a bunch of open threads – from the executive shakeup back last year which ousted Forstall and put Ive in charge of all design to the recent announcements of controller APIs at WWDC to the recent surprise of […]