Samsung flounders, The Watch, and Sony must be joking

Oh, how the mighty have fallen When Apple released the iPhone 6 Plus, mobile pundits predicted it would be a game-changer for Apple, helping them tap into the until then phablet screen market dominated by Samsung. This week, we saw how prescient those predictions were, as Apple outsold Samsung for the first time. Ever. Apple […]

Apple Pay, competition watch, Phire glass, and Raspberri Pi

Oh steward, another cocktail please JetBlue announced this week that they’re adding in-flight Apple Pay functionality. That means no more wrangling with crumpled dollars in the bottom of your carry-on as you try to scrape up the $9 for that thimble-sized bloody mary. But even better, we hear that you’ll be able to upgrade your […] · Wearing Apple · Wearing Apple While his conclusion seems wrong, the basic argument against a “IWatch” present here by Craig Hockenberry seems pretty cogent. Fashion and personal taste are so integral to a watch it’s hard to see anything being mass market and broadly successful. Name a watch company that only has one or two watches […]


CannyVision Sisir Koppaka with some thoughts on just what Apple means by “forward looking”. He ties together a bunch of open threads – from the executive shakeup back last year which ousted Forstall and put Ive in charge of all design to the recent announcements of controller APIs at WWDC to the recent surprise of […]