The Mobile world, the App Store soars, Latin America stumbles

The world, on mobile There is certainly no question that mobile is taking over. What was once just an adjunct to the dominant desktop is now the primary way most users connect to the internet. The most quickly adopted technical advance in human history, its proliferation has created a world linked in ways that our […]

Branding, the App Store and Your Mobile App Marketing

I recently talked about the importance of consistent branding in your mobile app design. Today I’ll talk about how equally vital it is that your branding be clear and consistent in the App Store as well. Franchisees: get ‘em in line If your brand has franchises, it’s essential that they adhere to the same mobile […]

Where’s the Branding in Your Mobile App?

Branding. You know, that thing you and your agency of record spent millions of dollars on so that everyone knows who you are – your name, your product, your essence. So if branding is so important, why are so many brands getting it wrong with their mobile apps? Today we’ll talk about mobile app branding […]

What is Apple thinking?!

Apple’s latest round of App Store capriciousness indicates a huge threat to their long-term future. Apple certainly has it’s share of naysayers and doom-predictors, and there’s no shortage of people who are waiting in line to give Tim Cook advice (or call for his replacement). In general, I would disagree with all of that. Tim […]

The Three Keys to Mobile App Success

There are now over 1.5 million apps on the App Store. With so much competing for your customers’ attention it takes even more to cement yourself into the top 10 or so apps that users turn to on a regular basis. 1. Build to the Platform  Building to the platform means far more than just […]

Is Your (Lack of) Mobile Strategy Fracturing Your Brand?

The key to a successful mobile app strategy is to build the fewest (yes, the fewest!) number of a highly branded, platform specific, well designed app(s) with the most high value features that solve your customers real problems.  It takes a great deal of time, money and effort to get a user to go to […]

App Store Curation: An Open Letter To Tim Cook

App Store Curation: An Open Letter To Tim Cook One has to admire JLG’s tenacity: He’s offered up this piece of advice as the App Store hit 250k, 500k, and 1 million apps. But his argument is sound. He calls on Apple to follow Michelin’s century-old idea and offer a highly opinionated, curated guide to […]

Promotion in the App Store – stratēchery by Ben Thompson

Promotion in the App Store – stratēchery by Ben Thompson Ben Thompson on App Store promotion and the tools at a platform owner’s disposal for attracting great apps. Apple is pretty masterful at it and they also have a huge firehose of attention. Our apps have been featured over 2 dozen times by Apple and […]