Look for the Helpers

There is certainly no shortage of worry right now. And it would be easy to just give you a bulleted list of the closures and cancellations, projections and grey particulars of pandemic life.  But today we’d rather focus on the bright spots of hope. They’re there if you look. From Italians in quarantine singing on […]

The Asymmetrical Advantage of Distributed Teams

I’ve talked before about BiTE’s completely distributed team, and how I think this is one of the keys to our success. Not only does it vastly open up the talent pool when looking for new team members but it decreases turnover while increasing productivity and flexibility. I’m often asked how we deal with the “inherent […]

What a Successful Slack Implementation Looks Like

Tips to make Slack an amazing tool for your team. At BiTE, we’re huge fans of Slack. For the uninitiated, Slack is an amazing collaboration tool. It starts with chat; both person-to-person as well as group chats (“channels” in Slack parlance) are exceptional. It handles sharing files between team members, offers integrations to other services, […]

BDD Toolbox: Happy Path/Sad Path

BDD Toolbox is an ongoing set of posts to give you tools to aid in the process of doing Behavior Driven Development well. Today we’ll take a look at Happy Path/Sad Path – a tool to ensure you’ve captured success and failure cases for all of your scenarios. Happy Path/Sad Path is a way of […]

The Path Less Traveled for Talent Recruitment and Retention

According to London Business School’s Annual Global Leadership Summit poll, over a third of surveyed companies project more than 50% of their workforce will work remote by 2020. That may seem like a surprising number until you realize how much a remote workforce could benefit your company. Here’s how it benefited ours: When Brant DeBow […]

From Waterfall to Agile

When we began BiTE, we were a fixed price/scope studio. And while we were small, this model worked. Mobile was in its infancy, so projects were relatively straightforward. During these early days, we could grind out change on nights and weekends even if it wasn’t ‘in-scope.” Fixed Scope Pitfalls But as mobile started to grow […]

BDD Toolbox: Outcome Questioning

BDD Toolbox is an ongoing series of posts in which I’ll give you tools to do Behavior Driven Development well. Today we’ll take a look at Outcome Questioning – a tool to help ensure all relevant details are captured in your scenarios.  I’ve talked in the past about Behavior Driven Development and how I believe […]

Two Watches Enter, One Watch Leaves

This week, instead of our usual post, we’re bringing you our internal Apple Watch debate. In one corner, Joseph Farrell, who wouldn’t wear one if you paid him. In the other, Brant DeBow, who plans to pre-order the second it’s April 10. After the release we’ll be bringing you posts about utility, functionality, and life […]