Helping Your Brand Commit to Your Mobile App Development Program

If you’re the minority advocate for your brand’s mobile app program, there are a few steps you can take to ensure your brand commits. Mobile apps are a powerful platform through which brands can engage, convert and retain customers unlike ever before. Strangely, many brands continue to treat apps as necessary evils they must (but […]

Why Some Brands Just Don’t Need a Mobile App

How to determine when to make an app and when to try a different method like a Responsive site. When marketing your brand, you might assume a mobile app is the way to go. You may be surprised to learn they’re not always the right choice. Apps are incredibly powerful tools that help deliver real […]

How Agile Changed the Mobile App Development Game

Why is Agile is the best choice for your brand? In 2010, I transitioned H&R Block’s mobile app development program from the fixed price/scope model to Agile. Solving many of the flawed assumptions inherent in fixed scope development was a big job but by far the largest and most beneficial shift I helped them make. […]