Apple Music: The good, bad, and Eddy Cue’s shirt

This week’s main story, of course, was Apple’s WWDC. This year’s “one more thing” was Apple Music. There was an equal mix of good and bad in the oddly long, painfully awkward unveiling. A meandering, dad joke-heavy mess of a presentation, it did give us something to think about. Why music? Apple shouts from the […]

Project Titan: What We Know So Far About the Apple Car

Over the years, speculation over the next Apple product has become a way of life. Entire sites devote themselves to the dissemination of rumors and the aggregation of insider tidbits. Today I’ll pick apart the facts and rumors about the much-talked-about Apple Car. Wait, what? So I’m saying it’ll really happen? Yes, it’ll happen, and […]

Autonomous Cars and the Sketchy NSA

The NSA hits keep on coming In the past three years we’ve learned more about the NSA than we ever thought we would. And no matter how sketchy they could be in our imaginations, the reality seems to be worse with each new tidbit we receive. But at least they never planned to infect your […]

Google gets it from all sides

Mind the Gap This week, App Annie released its findings for the first part of 2015. The results aren’t surprising, but they are important. The revenue gap between iOS and Android is steadily growing, with iOS App Store revenue a full 70% higher than Google Play. These widely diverging figures are problematic for Google. Though […]

Samsung flounders, The Watch, and Sony must be joking

Oh, how the mighty have fallen When Apple released the iPhone 6 Plus, mobile pundits predicted it would be a game-changer for Apple, helping them tap into the until then phablet screen market dominated by Samsung. This week, we saw how prescient those predictions were, as Apple outsold Samsung for the first time. Ever. Apple […]

Android instability

Android instability Ben Evans with a blog post of something he first phrased in the Cubed podcast – a contrast of ecosystems from the point of view of PC vs Android vendors. Amongst Android vendors, only Samsung is making money and they have to feel awfully unsure about what the next 2-3 years could bring […]

comScore Reports December 2013 U.S. Smartphone Subscriber Market Share

comScore Reports December 2013 U.S. Smartphone Subscriber Market Share Android saw its share dip slightly (-.3%) but remained on top with a 51.5% share. Apple gained 1.2% and stayed in second place at 41.8%. Third-place BlackBerry declined .4% to 3.4%, narrowly beating Microsoft’s 3.1% share that declined by .2%. Nokia closed out the top-five list with […]

Android Platform Distribution Numbers

Android Platform Distribution Numbers The rollout of the KitKat update by carriers and device manufacturers continues to be slow at 1.8%. The latest numbers reveals that the adaption rate of Jelly Bean, which was first released back in July 2012, increased from 59.1% to 60.7%.